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The Lovely Ladies of The Night Watch :iconlordamon12:LordAmon12 2 1
Mature content
Why Skynet lost :iconmndlessentertainment:MndlessEntertainment 5 1
Villain Creation Contest
I'm excited happy to announce my second contest!! :) (Smile) 
This contest involves creating a villain or villainess for any of my OCs. Mainly to expand their rogues gallery and also for fun. 
Contest Rules:
Entries would have to be an original villain, made just for the AmonverseThe New villain, would be judged, based on their uniqueness, backstory, threat level and how they would fit in the Amonverse.   You do not have to make an image of the new villain, but you would need a good description of him/her  You can have 3 villain entries for this contest
Only one villain would win this contest.
The Prizes:
First Place: 
If your villain creation wins, he/she would be a canon character and I would commission an image of the new villain 
Second Place:

I'll do artwork of your OC crossing over with any of my OCs
Third Place:
:iconlordamon12:LordAmon12 1 10
ArchivistOmega's OC Regina Amethyst :icontiangtam:tiangtam 65 38
Mature content
Black Mass vs Zatanna - Season 12 Issue 2 :iconrenderpretender:RenderPretender 97 132
Dangerguy's Whirlwind :icontiangtam:tiangtam 50 60 Fightgirl and Cracovia Team up :icontiangtam:tiangtam 64 68
Mature content
Broken by Lady Umbra :iconladytania:ladytania 68 80
Mature content
Meanwhile, back at the Mystery Machine... :iconhojojitsu:hojojitsu 132 35
Mature content
The Pleasure Golems :iconladytania:ladytania 84 90
Fightgirl vs the Black Terror Gang - Cover :iconfightgirl2004:fightgirl2004 29 38
Mature content
What was the name again..Fluffy ? :iconmrbunnyart:mrbunnyart 60 21
Mature content
Ultra Woman #19 :iconladytania:ladytania 85 82
Quick Stop at Work :iconjanus3003:Janus3003 26 28
Mature content
DC versus OC Teaser 2 :iconrenderpretender:RenderPretender 31 73
Mature content
Ready Player One :icondoctor-awkward:Doctor-Awkward 43 17


This is by far one of your best images to date! The centrepiece, of course, are the wonderful, eye-catching special effects you've used...

Overall this is a cool idea. You don't spell out the peril but it's clear enough, especially with the wine casks labelled and each hero...


Dangerguy01's Profile Picture
Bill Butler
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Dangerguy, writer of seriously risque superheroine stories, lives in the Greater Vancouver area in B.C., Canada. He grew up reading comic books and readily admits that beautiful superheroines in tight, revealing costumes became his first sexual archetypes, twisting his impressionable pre-adolescent psyche forever. Thanks ever so much, Marvel & DC.

Click here for Artwork and Fiction Commission Information

Novels/Story Collections:
Beginnings - Duster Volume 1
Déjà Vu - Duster Volume 2
The Domination Variations - Duster Volume 3
Double Jeopardy - Duster Volume 4 (Coming 2017)
Do-Overs - Duster Volume 5 (Coming 2017)
Duster Volume 6 (Coming 2018)
Open Season
Game Theory - Available Now!

You can buy Dangerguy's superheroine-in-peril novels at Smashwords. Some of them are also available at Amazon.

You can follow my blog at

:iconrob66:'s Interview with Dangerguy


Kensei Blue #2
A commission from :iconm-hadley: featuring his OCs Kensei Blue and Lemuria, the Jackalope Princess. And yes I know it's April but KB's stories tend to have a Christmas theme to them and besides, what the customer asks (and pays) for, the customer gets. ;) Of course you could just notice the sign Lemuria is using to gag KB and figure that the heroine is gonna be wrapped up like a Xmas present for quite some time...

Other Kensei Blue covers:
Kensei Blue #1 by Dangerguy01
It's crunch time, gang! Come With Me 

There's just under one week remaining in my first ever art contest. If you haven't already entered, or if you have but still have other entries to submit, you've got this week to work on 'em and enter 'em! The deadline is midnight Pacific time this coming Sunday (April 30th)!
Schoolgirl 01
I created this some time ago but I was saving it for a rainy day (and it literally has been pouring all day here) when I didn't have anything else ready to post. Just me fooling around with a (at the time) recently-acquired figure and wardrobe set. In retrospect I'd change the shaders used on the uniform from some of the defaults, like those overly-glossy leather items and the belt buckle that should look more metallic and less plastic.

I assure you she just turned 18. ;)

Anyway I've been working on some commissions, including some naughty ones destined for the blog and the Wizard's Lair, as well as the next two Raiders pages so you'll see all of that sometime this week.

Duster's 'Do Part 2: Electric Boogaloo -- should this be Duster's new hairstyle? 

39 deviants said NO! No no no no NO!!! Stick with the original! Why do you keep asking us this? Grow a backbone! GOD you're pathetic.
34 deviants said YES! At last! Eureka! Hallelujah! A new day dawns for Duster, who finally leaves the Big Hair 80s behind!
27 deviants said Meh. Keep looking. There's sure to be a better hairstyle out there for her, but this isn't it.

A contest to encourage the creation and display of more superhero-themed art here on DA ('cuz we just can't get enough of that stuff)!

Since I'm a bit of an egotist ("a bit?!" I hear you cry) I'd like to see some more artwork featuring one of my original characters. So to qualify for the contest the art must feature at least one of my OCs ASIDE from Duster. Don't get me wrong, I love Duster (obviously), but I've created several other OCs and I'd like to see some of them have a little time in the sun.

Here are the (additional) rules:

  • The art must be new and original; this means the submitter must be its owner/creator and it can't be something you've posted previously.
  • It can be any medium: digital, drawn, painted, photographed, sculpted, a combination… whatever! So long as you're able to scan it or what have you and submit it to DA.
  • It must comply with DA content guidelines, obviously.

Submission guidelines:

  1. Post the artwork to your own DA page.
  2. In the description area of your DA posting, include a callout to me (colon+icon+dangerguy01+colon – just remove the "+" symbols and replace the word "colon" with the actual punctuation mark)…
  3. and include words to the effect of "Dangerguy April Art Contest Submission"; y'know, 'cuz I'm dumb sometimes.
  4. Indicate which of my OCs is being used to qualify as your contest entry (again, 'cuz "DG" sometimes stands for "Dumb Guy").
  5. Just to be on the safe side, also send me a note with a link to the image's DA page. 


A minimum of five entries are required for prizes to be awarded.

  1. First Prize: 2000 DA points and a free commissioned image
  2. Second Prize: 1000 DA points and a free pinup image
  3. Third Prize: 500 DA points and a free portrait image
  4. Honourable Mentions: Of the remaining entries, a special few will earn "honourable mentions" from me along with 100 DA points.

Deadline: Midnight Pacific DST on April 30th, 2017.

Anticipatory FAQ:

So who are your OCs?

Obviously the Night Watch (Black Phantom, Midnight Avenger, Night Angel, & Whirlwind), Indigo Dynamo, and Duster's rogue's gallery of villains. There's a comprehensive list on my commission page (just remember that OCs belonging to other people listed on that page don't count—just mine!). If you're unsure, or if you have any questions that are not answered here, please post a comment below (rather than sending me a note; that way everyone can see the answer).

Can characters other than "Dangerguy OCs" be featured in the artwork?

You bet! Include your own OC, other people's OCs (provided you have permission, which usually isn't tough to obtain), and so on. So long as one of my OCs is featured (i.e. not just inserted way off in the background), it qualifies. You can include one character, two, or several.

But I love Duster! Can I still include her in my contribution?

Of course! Just so long as another one of my OCs is featured there with her, you're good. For example I have several villainous OCs who could be fighting or tormenting her. Or any of Duster's Night Watch allies could be featured with her.

Does the OC have to be female?

Nope! I've created several male OCs as well. They're all fair game. But I would highly advise featuring a lovely lady in the picture if you want a chance at winning.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes! However, I'll only award one prize per contestant. Sorry, you can't submit three artworks and win all three prizes, no matter how good they are.

If I win first prize… what form will that "free commission" take?

That will be one of my digital artworks. You can choose any combination of options as listed on my commission page that would normally add up to $25. So basically a base image with one extra item such as a new character, an extra figure beyond the 3 maximum, or a larger resolution size. Comic book text is free, remember!

Also, as you might expect, I will complete the first place prize image first, then the second place image, and the third place image last.

Uh-huh. What about the second prize "pinup" image?

That will also be a digital artwork but simpler. It will portray a single character of the 2nd place winner's choice in a full-body pinup image with a costume but no background. Examples: Blue Bombshell Pinup by Dangerguy01 Grysica by Dangerguy01 Cracovia Redux by Dangerguy01 This could be an existing character or a new one. Image size will be 1920 x 3100 pixels.

Hmm... and that third prize "portrait" image?

Yet another digital artwork, smaller and simpler still than the 2nd prize pinup. This will again portray a single character of the 3rd place winner's choice, though it must be chosen from my list of existing characters (please refer to my commission page for a list; if you choose an OC that isn't mine or your own you must get permission from the OC's owner). The portrait will not be full-body; it will consist of a head-and-torso image with, again, no background. Examples: Thanks for Watching! by Dangerguy01 (but without the text);

Tori Walker (Midnight Avenger) by Dangerguy01 (but with clothing... well, if the 3rd place winner wants it!). Image size will be 1000 x 1000 pixels.

Don't your friends around here have an inside track?

Absolutely not! I'll be judging each work on its own merits regardless of who created it.

What criteria will you use to judge the winners?

My own excellent and refined good taste.

Oh come on, I really wanna win! Throw me a bone, here!

Hmm, well… Like I said, you can include male characters but there better be at least one gorgeous female in there. It doesn't have to be a peril or bondage situation—action/combat's good too, as are cheesecake portraits—but it should be sexy in some way. Quality is important so do your best. Finally, certain kinks/fetishes are a turn-off to me, mainly death and gore. I'm not into feet so keep her boots on (boots are sexy; toe jam, not so much). No dude on dude stuff—not that there's anything wrong with that, it just ain't my thing. Also, have a look in my Gallery and Favourites for some clues as to my preferences (or perversions… whatever).

You won't be running polls to help determine a winner, then?

No, it all comes down to my judgement. Bwa-ha-ha, power!

Dangerguy, I've always wondered… how is it that you're so erudite and intelligent?

A combination of genetics, education, and hard work. By the way, you forgot "handsome", but I guess you've never seen me. Just take my word for it.
  • Listening to: Van Halen
  • Reading: SPQR
  • Drinking: Salty Scot Ale

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